The Business  

HRC World manages the various Hard Rock Cafés across China on behalf of HRC Asia Ltd under a Restaurant Management Agreement (RMA). In-line with our aspiration to become a leading themed-restaurant and music entertainment operator in the region, the RMA provides for HRC World to focus and manage:

(1) restaurant marketing and promotion support services;
(2) tourist based customer acquisition services; and
(3) music & event based revenue development.

HRC World also plans to develop music video and content business in support of its business, through its subsidiary HRC Music Plc. HRC Music will leverage on HRC World’s business in managing well-known music-centric, themed food and beverage cafés across China that strategically promotes live music and bands. HRC Music hence is uniquely placed to tap into the growing music content industry in China to drive traffic to cafés under its management.
HRC Music has a multi-pronged strategy to produce a music reality themed show for the purpose of discovering new bands and solo artists that will be housed as resident bands and singers for its cafés while securing IP and Distribution Rights for the music and video content. HRC Music will also collaborate with top tier local and regional TV & radio broadcasters, media entertainment houses, telecommunication companies, etc. to broadcast HRC Music content on multi-cast platforms via all delivery formats available. HRC World’s Management team in collaboration with music industry experts will manage and drive this new venture.

HRC World manages Hard rock Café restaurants under the franchise of HRC Asia Ltd (owner of franchise rights of Hard Rock Cafés in Central and South China regions). Hard Rock Café is theme restaurant establishments that provide to the public Food and Beverage and Merchandise of a distinctive character and quality under the name “Hard Rock Cafe”.

HRC World has potentially confirmed its rights to establish HRC restaurants and RockShops merchandise outlets in the following 11 cities i.e. (i) the city of Shanghai; (ii) the city of Chengdu; (iii) the city of Nanjing; (iv) the city of Xiamen; (v) the city of Fuzhou; (vi) the city of Chongqing; (vii) the city of Hangzhou; (viii) the city of Wuhan; (ix) the city of Xi'an; (x) the city of Guilin and (xi) the city of Suzhou.

In addition, HRC Asia Ltd has the first right of refusal to establish a further 21 HRC restaurants and RockShop merchandise outlets in the following 21 cities should the Franchisor elect to open a HRC in that city; (i) city of Changsha; (ii) city of Foshan; (iii) city of Ningbo; (iv) city of Nanning; (v) city of Wuxi; (vi) city of Shantou; (vii) city of Quanzhou; (viii) city of Dongguan; (ix) city of Wenzhou; (x) city of Kunming; (xi) city of Changchun; (xii) city of Hefei; (xiii) city of Changzhou; (xiv) city of Tangshan; (xv) city of Zhongshan; (xvi) city of Taiyuan; (xvii) city of Lijiang; (xviii) city of Guiyang; (xix) city of Nanchang and (xx) city of Xuzhou and (xxxi) Shanghai Disneyland Park. The Group is also in discussion to procure rights to establish several HRCs in Taiwan, which it is yet to obtain.

HRC Asia had successfully developed and opened HRC in Hangzhou at Kerry Centre on the 28th October 2016 and Shanghai near Maoming Road East on the 25th December 2016. HRC Asia is currently in the process of relocating HRC Shanghai next to W Hotel and HRC Hangzhou next to Kempinski Hotel. The HRC Chengdu is now slated to open in Q1 2019.

HRC Asia Ltd’s initial restaurants have proven popular and have won a number of awards including Best American Restaurant, Most Popular Restaurant and Most Recommended Restaurant in a survey of over 1,000 restaurants in Shanghai conducted by leading travel services provider CTRIP and a local radio station.